What car shape should I buy??

car shape should I buy

When you’re looking for your next luxury car in Dubai you’re thinking and searching for many things. One of those is what shape suits your needs and lifestyle. Most people when they imagine luxury cars, they automatically think of convertibles such as a Mercedes SLK, a Porsche 911 and an Audi R8 and although all of these cars ooze class and sophistication, they’re not all that’s out there. Don’t fall into the trap that luxury only equals a convertible as you’d be missing out on some amazing sedans, hatches and 4wd’s.

What’s your lifestyle?

One of the first considerations is what will you do with your new luxury car? Will it be a work car, a recreational vehicle, or a bit of both? If you’re driving to and from the office and enjoy weekend drives on scenic roads, then a convertible might be exactly what you’re looking for. If, however you want to go mountain biking out in the mountain region towards Fujairah on the weekends and you need to take your bike, you’re going to find it difficult without a hatch or an SUV.

Don’t forget your holidays as well. Although for most of us this may be only once or twice a year, you don’t want to restrict what you can do because you bought the wrong vehicle.

How big’s your family?

When it comes to looking at seats and doors, you need to consider your family needs, and we mean the whole family. Do you have in-laws or older parents that need to get in and out of your new car? Can they step up into that Land Rover Discovery you have your eye on, or are they better suited to a smaller version in the Land Rover Evoque?

If you have children or are planning on them, check for baby seat hooks and boot space to carry strollers and prams. If your kids are bigger, don’t overlook that soccer friend that you may need to pick up and drop off.

If it’s only you, or you and your partner, then 2 seats, 2 doors may be all you need or all you want.

There are plenty of luxury cars around in all shapes and sizes so don’t limit yourself to the idea of luxury. Go and see, touch, feel and drive luxury in all shapes and sizes. Only then will you be equipped with the knowledge you need to buy your ultimate dream car from a luxury car dealer in the UAE.

What car shape should I buy??
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What car shape should I buy??
There are plenty of luxury cars around in all shapes and sizes so don't limit yourself to the idea of luxury.
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