Tips for Buying the Right Used Car in Dubai

Buying a used car in Dubai may help you save money but they can sometimes come with their own surprises.

Given a large number of expats moving in and out of Dubai, there is a huge market of used cars. However, buying and selling cars in Dubai is lengthy, complex and can be risky. Here are smart tips to help you buy just the right used car at a great price.

Buy Used Cars in Dubai

Plan Your Budget:

Set a budget but keep it flexible. Apart from the purchase price, you also need to factor the cost of re-registration, insurance, maintenance, repairs and any customizations that you may have planned.

Analyze your needs:

Know what you want and what you need before you look. What type of car are you looking for? Do you need a sedan, hatchback, SUV, coupe or a luxury convertible? Understanding your needs requires you to consider your family size, preferred features, lifestyle and budget to find the car that will fit your needs for years to come.

Do you have a large family with kids and need a large car to go on weekend trips? Are you a couple who wants a luxury sedan or an SUV for your active lifestyle? Knowing what you want helps you choose the right car faster.

Refine your search

Go online and read reviews on YouTube, Quora, automobile blogs and forums to research a cars ability to deliver value across its lifespan. Speak to your friends and family for their opinions. Look for locally available cars through leading car dealers in Dubai like Best Buy Autos and many more.

At Best Buy Autos, we make it easy to search your dream car with a free search tool that gives you real market value and information on locally available cars. The tool enables you to search for cars based on make, model, year of manufacture, price, body type, and other details. You can also access the tool through our mobile app available on Google and Apple app store.

Test Drive before you buy

Once you have shortlisted your preferred used cars, go ahead and take a test drive them to see which among them suits your driving style best.

• Take a long test drive at varied speeds and drive it on different surfaces
• Listen for any irregular noises
• Check for gear or transmission shifts
• Assess the performance and handling capability

Research the cars history

Once you have finally shortlisted the cars and spoken to the seller, get a ‘Vehicle Condition Certificate’ available for AED 100 from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to get detailed information about the vehicle’s condition. You may also use the cars VIN to get a quick and complete record online.

Arrange the final inspection

If you’re buying privately you may want to take along a mechanically minded friend for the final test drive so they can do a basic vehicle inspection that includes the engine, interiors, and exteriors including tyres. Ensure that service history records and ownership papers are in place. Also, make sure that the car has been through an RTA inspection within the last 30 days. Ask the seller for the Clearance Certificate from the RTA before you proceed with transferring ownership either yourself or through a third party representative.

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