Luxury Car Buying in Dubai Made Easy

Luxury car buying made easy

Almost everyone on the planet would love to own a luxury car, but how do we afford them? The great thing about brand new high-class cars is that they’re bad investments. This means, that once they’re a year or 2 old with a couple of miles the new owner gets the best of both worlds. A near new luxury car, with a great used car price.

When you’re looking at buying and modifying that blingy new accessory, there are many factors you want to consider in your journey. In Dubai and the UAE where luxury is a must have and modification makes you stand out, you want to be careful you’re buying the real thing and not someone else’s bad decisions. There are plenty of cheap used cars for sale in Dubai but be wary of a deal that looks too good to be true. To help you start driving your dream car, and stay away from the fakers here are some things to look out for.


Although modifying your ride is probably on the top of your must-have list, it’s best to do it yourself unless you can guarantee that the mods done to your new AMG etc. were done by a licensed installer/mechanic. Highly modified rides can potentially come with a costly downside.

If your new ride is only a year or 2 old, you could still be eligible for the rest of the manufacturer’s warranty, but if your fashion accessory is modified outside of the manufacturer’s specifications, you may find yourself in hot water when something goes wrong. When you start looking for used cars for sale, lean towards stock standard and add your own signature once it’s yours.


In all the uber expensive and stylish cars, you’ll find plenty of electrical gear. These mod cons make your new car a pleasure to drive and even easier to park (with the help of self-park and cameras) but it can also mean that there could be some expense involved if these things are not in working order when you buy.

Our advice is simple…..Test, test, and test again. Before buying make sure you fiddle with every knob, push every button and connect your devices and make sure it all works as it should.

Running costs

When you buy a used car, the cost of ownership is not always spelt out, or clear. We know all cars cost $$$ to run, but luxury cars cost more. Let’s face it, you don’t buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini because they’re going to save you money, do you? But make sure you’re realistic with the ongoing costs of the car. Don’t only look at insurance costs, but things such as fuel, repairs, and servicing. Parts for luxury cars will be more expensive than mainstream and servicing won’t be the capped price you’re used to with your Toyota Corolla, so do your homework. If you’re buying from a Dubai luxury car dealer they should be able to outline these costs for you and may have their own facilities making it easier for you to budget.

Where to buy?

One of the biggest decisions you will make when buying your used luxury car in Dubai is where to source it from. This is a large part of your decision base and there are many myths to debunk. Many people feel that private buying is cheaper and easier, but if you consider all the factors you may find you can source cheap cars to buy, but not good cars to buy. There are also many Luxury auto dealers in Dubai, so do your homework, read reviews and choose an Auto partner that makes you feel like the royalty you should be in your new luxury car.

Luxury Car Buying in Dubai Made Easy
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Luxury Car Buying in Dubai Made Easy
One of the biggest decisions you will make when buying your used luxury car in Dubai is where to source it from.
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