Car Features to Look for while Buying a Car

When it comes to buying a car everyone has a different opinion of what’s important. If you’re a busy mum, you may want a conversation mirror to check on the kid lets in the back without turning around. If you’re an adventurer and automatic boot may be your thing. We thought we’d list some of our favourite features we’ve found in cars along the way.

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Illuminated doors

You no longer have to step in that puddle at night when you pull into a carspot. Some cars including the Jaguar E-Pace and Porsche Macan have door illumination. This little light comes on when you open your door so you can see where you’re stepping. This may seem like a novelty, but if you’ve ever turned up to a restaurant in the rain and had the misfortune to park next to and therefore step into a big muddy puddle, you may be wishing you knew about this feature.

Conversation mirrors

These handy little mirrors are a godsend for a mum with toddlers. There is nothing better than woking out who started world war 3 in the backseat without pulling over so you can turn around. It also allows you to keep an eye on a sleeping bub or a cheeky pup all while still looking ahead.

Cup holders

The mighty cup holder is a must have for anyone that wants to do day trips in the car, and honestly, the more the better. You definitely don’t want to think about spilt coffee when you have to hit the breaks in peak hour traffic, and trying to juggle a hot drink between your legs and drive at the same time is never a great idea.

Automatic boot

Whether your hands are full of shopping, or your dog is in the back of your SUV, having an automatic boot that opens with the wave of a foot is almost a must-have. No need to place your hard earned food on the ground while you scrounge for your keys, just swipe and go.

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Fitness band

Now this one is a bit out there, but the new Jaguar E-Pace can be fitted with it’s own fitness band meaning you can leave your keys in the car and unlock and lock with a wrist band that looks like a fitbit. For anyone that’s into sports or simply not carrying keys, this is a fantastic piece of technology that we’re sure will expand to future cars.

Privacy Glass

Gone is the need to have tinted windows all around the car. Some cars now come with privacy glass meaning that your back windows are already tinted and therefore no-one can see in and it cuts out all those nasty UV rays from the sun keeping the interior cooler in summer.

Rear air vents

On the sweltering Dubai days your kids and pooches will be super happy that the car has rear air vents that can circulate your air conditioning throughout the rear of the car. They can stay cool and you can stay comfortable instead of blasting the air to try and cool down the little ones.

Remote start

Yet another feature that is we could we would not live without. Whether it’s crazy hot or chillingly cold, you can start your car before you get in and give it time to warm up the engine, and warm up your seat. It can also turn your air conditioning on in summer and ensure that you don’t burn your legs on the leather when you get in to drive away.

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Heated seats

On those cold winter mornings when you feel like the leather seats are made from ice, these can warm you up nicely. If you have them in your convertible BMW 335I it will also allow you to keep the top down for longer into the colder months.

Automatic everything!!

Seriously we are so lazy now that if your car doesn’t turn on your headlights and light up the road, or wipe away the rain without being told, you’re just not living. No need to think or watch the time or weather, just drive and relax and let the headlights, wipers even cruise make life more bearable in your car.

So if your car doesn’t have your favourite features it may be time to sell your car online in Dubai and look for a luxury car dealer to upgrade this summer.

Car Features to Look for while Buying a Car
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Car Features to Look for while Buying a Car
So if your car doesn't have your favourite features it may be time to sell your car online in Dubai and look for a luxury car dealer.
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