Why Buying a Used Car is the Smart Way to Go

Buy used cars, or buy new cars? This is always the question.

Since your car is the 2nd largest purchase you’re going to make in your life, choosing the right car is paramount. When you walk into a new car showroom you’re hit with so many sales tools, smalls and Sales people that it can be quite overwhelming. You get caught up in the sales speel that new cars are better, you need the warranty, you’re the first owner etc. This kind of emotional buying is making many people spend much more on their car then they have to.

Buy Used Cars Dubai

Before you get swept away by the hype, think about whether you want to buy a new car or one of the many second hand cars in Dubai. As you read along this article we’re going to point out why it’s wise to buy used cars in UAE over a new one.

The money factor

Did you know that buying a used car over a new car can save you up to 40% of your purchase price…? That’s right, once you drive that new car out of the showroom the drop in value is astronomical making a used car much better value for money. You don’t have to buy a 10 year old car with 200,000 kms on the click; we’re talking about a 1 to 2 year old car with an average of 40,000 km’s.

There are plenty used cars for sale in Dubai that will fit your criteria for almost half the price of buying that new one off the showroom floor.

The bugs have been sorted

We’ve all heard the horror stories about someone buying a new car just to be served a lemon. The manufacturer has a fault and all of a sudden your shiny new sports car is back in the shop for weeks on end getting everything sorted.

If you look at the market of Dubai used cars you will find that all these things are already done. Faults have been found and fixed under warranty and all the chinks in the chain have been untangled and the car is running like a dream. This isn’t to say you can’t still pick out a lemon, but most of the work will have been done by the previous owner for you.

Car Financing

Used car finance in Dubai is easy to come by. Not only do you only need a fraction of the money you would need for an equivalent new car, you also have a great choice of lenders. New car showrooms usually have a preferred lender, or maybe 2 where as your used car dealer will have the pick of all the lenders available giving you plenty of choice. Manufacturers also give favorable rates to what they class as demonstrator cars. These are not new cars, but vehicles driven by company execs and Managers that now need to be sold. At the moment Holden are giving you a rate of 0.9% on anything not new which is quite unbelievable.

A better car than you thought you could afford

Everyone has a budget, and everyone has a choice. When you buy used cars in UAE you can get that higher spec car or that better badge for the same price. So all of a sudden instead of buying a new Toyota, you’re driving around in a 2 year old Lexus feeling on top of the world.

The look of cars doesn’t change too much over a few years so most of the time your friends and family wouldn’t even know it was a used car. They will just be amazed that you managed to buy your dream Lexus on the budget you had.

There are plenty of people looking to sell a used car in UAE and as a buyer it’s your job to take advantage of that.

Final Words

A new car is great for those that want the ego factor of being the first owner, but most people want the most bangs for their buck. This is where buying a used car makes much more sense. There is plenty to think about when you want to buy a used car in Dubai and there are plenty of used vehicles in Dubai to choose from. Really all you want to worry about is will it be a Lexus or a Mercedes?